The Ultimate Guide to Tinder for Men


The Ultimate Guide to Tinder for Men

Tinder can be called as a modern-day Jenga. One wrong move and you’re back to square one. We’ve all heard men complain about how hard it is to use Tinder compared to women. Of course, there is a sea full of options to choose from, but there are few things you should know about, before getting it on. For all the men out there, here is your guide on how to use Tinder.

The Shorter your Bio, The More Chances

It is always better to write your bios which are short and crisp. Maybe write a sentence or two, a few points about yourself which shows your most desirable personality trait, be it a funny or a creative side. It is not okay for you to make sure your height is mentioned in your bio. If a girl needs to know your height, they would ask. Do not boast about you or what you have in those few sentences or words, it is definitely not a desirable personality trait, just saying.

Group Pictures as Your Profile Photos

Let’s be real. No one wants to waste their time in trying to figure out which one is you amongst all the other people. Especially if you happen to put up a group shot as your main picture. You are most likely to be swiped left at this rate. It is just better not to put up group shots and instead put up a picture of yourself. This shows you are shy and girls definitely do not dig that.

Be Honest Regarding Intentions

A few men on Tinder are really clear with their aims when you’re deciding to meet up. If you are planning to get laid, say it eventually instead of beating around the bush. Most ladies would rather know beforehand what they’re getting into as opposed to showing up and getting it on as soon as possible. However, take your time in getting to know her a bit eventually and do not creep out the one you’re matching with.


Eye-catching Openers

If you are looking for an answer, being straightforward appears to be really successful: something along the lines of “hello, what’s up?”. Alternatively, you could get some information about her activity or interests from her profile or give her a compliment that is pleasant yet not something that would be of a creepy approach.

Where to Have a Tinder Date

Never insist someone you’ve just met to come over to your place on the first date. At least do not put forward calling someone over as the only option. If she insists on doing so, then go ahead. But it is recommended to always start off small, like a coffee shop or bar/pub.

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